What you need to know about home offices

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Well… if Covid has taught us anything its been about making use of our home offices. What was once a home for relaxing and family time has now turned into a multifunctional space.

Ideally you would like to have your own office room to keep the distractions away, but not everyone has a home that they expected to work from so sometimes you just need to make do with what you have OR you aren’t given a choice to have a separate room because you may need to be multitasking, such as watching the kids while getting back to emails.

Ask yourself what you definitely need in your work space. Printer, bench space, laptop area, recording facilities, document storage, etc. For example, I need a space I can roll out A1 size construction plans but maybe all of your work is computer based so a larger monitor may be required for you.

Once you have all the essentials, we then need to lay them out ergonomically. What's that you ask? It’s about organizing the area so that you can work in the space comfortably without strain or injury to the body. Adjustable tables and chairs are great for this because they can move to fit your size requirements. If you print regularly then put the printer in space where you don’t have to jump to in order to collect your goods. I hope you get the gist...

Then when that is sorted you want to ensure you aren’t creating a ‘sick’ environment. Have you worked in an office space and it just drove you bonkers and you couldn’t stand being there or gave you headaches (employees don’t count in this example). Ensure you have natural light, ventilation and even some family images or plants around the office.

Consider what is behind you in video calls too if that’s something you may be doing regularly. If you have a big window you might need sheer curtains to stop the glare... or is your pile of dirty washing in view? Maybe just consider what may be seen, even though some video platforms can blank this stuff out.

Then give your space a test drive and see what you may have missed or needs moving. A bin for rubbish is commonly forgotten or even a task light may make the world of difference to productivity.

Good luck with your new layout and reach out if you would like a consultation xx A

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