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Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Many people think rugs are just around to help decorate a home. However, they do serve a much larger purpose. Having or not having a rug may make or break a space. Here are some ideas on how to incorporate a rug into your living or working areas.

HALLWAYS- Generally a boring and un welcoming space. As a hallway is usually pretty plain (other than providing wall space for photos), your rug can show some colour and pattern to bring some personality in. Though do be careful of the durability as it will be walked on, a lot. You can also buy something to put under them to stop the slip but Best Buy a heavy or treated that doesn’t slip in the first place. CONNECTION - You may have two open living areas side by side and struggling on how to have them complement each other. How about you use a rug of either the same hues or pattern to place in each space. This way they are still different rooms but share the same inviting vibe. ACCOUSTICS - How many of you have kids and tried to sneak away from the room only to have them wake up from your walking away from the room. Lay down a rug to help absorb that sound of your foot hitting the floor. Anything to keep your child asleep, right?! The thicker the better for noise absorption, though this can take longer to vacuum. ASTHETICS - Is your home feeling boring? Want to chuck in some character but don't want anything too permanent in case it doesn't work out or you wish to change it up again? What better way to do it than with a rug. Rugs can also go on walls. Though its not something I would recommend straight up, you can definitely display a rug vertically up a wall and not just horizontal on a floor. Also probably best not to use a second hand or damaged rug if this is what your intentions are. Though it does make for a helpful sound barrier between rooms. ZONING - Is your home open plan? Most homes are these days. Though most places I walk through tend to have furniture where they think it belongs, but no real constraints as to what or how the space is used. Adding a rug helps depict the boundaries of that area providing more of an organized feel.

STYLING - Do you have a strong theme or style running through the home? Than a rug will complement or bring together everything you have going on. It can also help add colour to the very common 'neutral' colour pallet

in many homes these days. TEXTURES - wow... we can get some very interesting rugs these days. Thick and thin, fluffy or flat, animal hide or shag, the list goes on. This does help with adding layers to help make a home inviting.


So lets face it, everything these days comes with pros and cons also. I might as well address some of the care or day to day stuff here too. Firstly, they are most likely manufactured from a textile which requires similar care to our clothing and carpet. Generally most of the issues are visual such as seeing stains, dirt, etc. Mold may not be so obvious and can be found under the rug. Smells can also linger when you have an issue with the rug. When left untreated it can cause respiratory issues or skin irritation. It may sounds extreme but it can be prevented when the day to day care is carried out. So in short, vacuum and have an airy place and all should be ok. Each rug will have different care requirements so for the best advice, I suggest consulting in the person you are getting it from.

So that should be some information to help you get started in searching, styling and care with rugs. If you have any particular projects you need a hand with than don’t stress and just reach out and ask. Enjoy xx

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