To buy or not to buy a corner block

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Reading the future to know if a corner block is for you...

So I assume you are interested in land and land prices. This topic on corner blocks is easier explained in points below and you can decide if they are a pro or a con to your life style. Everyone is different so I will keep this vague for you to decide... I'm just providing some things to consider.

“Don't forget, the more nature strip you have, the more mowing you will do haha enjoy!”

Considerations for a corner block:

More exposure to road noise. That's a given as its on two streets and not one. If you have traffic light intersection, consider what the waiting traffic will be looking at or into... Your house is pushed further into your block (AKA a set back) as it needs to be so far away from a road however every council is different, so check first what you can do. Natural and street/traffic light exposure. Solar system work well with no over shadowing from close neighbors and more natural light opportunities, but intersections usually have more lights on the street (so consider good window coverage). More façade coverage, so you may be spending more on external appeal but you may have more views to maximize... which also means more windows. Minimized wind break so in some areas this is ideal for improved natural ventilation. Extra mowing given you have more nature strip around you.

More curb side parking (kind off, as you really can only park so far from an intersection. but still better than just the one car space out the front of a suburban home in the middle of the street. Improved back yard vehicle access, because you may consider a vehicle access gate out the back. Some people have taken advantage of two entry points and have a home address at the front and side address around the back for the purposes of home businesses. Moving furniture in and out can be easier as you can chose to take it around the back or the front... as supposed to just the front door option. Fence options may be limited as sometimes you are restricted to have 'prettier' options only, or height restricted. check council requirements. Sometimes they make it safer from vehicles and burgle potential though it may attract vandalism depending your choices.

Some corner blocks will give a sense of space, being more open and could have better views. Others consider it more private by not having neighbors all around you. House prices may differ, some estates make them cheaper due to the council requirements, but others may have it more expensive, so just do the research on the estate. How busy is the street? this tends to be the biggest concern for future buyers or sellers. It may be at the back of an estate, but are they thinking of extending the estate in future while you live there. Therefore, making the road busier? More front yard comes with the nature strip setback. So if you have kids and need them playing safely enclosed you should check you will have enough back yard space Custom build may be required due to the two facades. Its a great opportunity to show some distinguishing architectural designs... but it does again add costs to the build. Dual occupancy/duplex build is commonly approved for corner properties too... that a handy property advantage.

Hope you found some helpful hints. Don't forget to reach out if you want my consultations.

Speak soon... x

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