Settlement inspection coming up?

As a purchaser, it’s not just the walls and floors you need to inspect because I really wish it was that simple!. It ranges from the fixtures, the finishes and even if you can open the letter box... In short, you are checking absolutely EVERYTHING!! You use this time to ensure you have no unknown fault to the place and if you do come across it, than it will either be fixed before settlement or something that you will need to handle after settlement, which ever you decide.

I have had a couple of these so far and have always missed something, but one thing that's always been the same is feeling rushed by the agent during the inspection. Its good to know how much time is allocated for the inspection and use as much of that as you like.

Check everything is to the standard you expect for the condition of the place and the price that was offered (and accepted). Assuming you checked most things in the home before giving your offer because its not ideal to change the purchase price based on what you find at the pre settlement inspection. Ensure what is in your contract is still in place and what is to be removed should be removed, not done 'later' if promised by the agent because the agent may not stick to their word. Also, some things might not work... don't be surprised. That's what this inspection is all about. It will either get fixed or it wont and that's up to you to decide what to do about it in relation to your situation.

Anyway, back to the point... Here are some ideas on what to check on the day -

OPENINGS (Windows and doors)

Well, do they open? are any broken since the offer was put in? Don't be like my husband and brake one during an inspection (because he cant tell the difference between a jammed door with a functional one and just how far you are willing to test it). While you are at it, check the handles and locks are to your satisfaction. Which moves us to the dressings. If the property is tenanted than it may be their curtains used, especially if they are the eyelet and easy to install options. Usually blinds, which are fixed in will stay. check the contract for what to expect.


Power points and switches undamaged and working (if you need to plug your phone in and see if it charges), included ceiling fans and lights are functioning, just to name the obvious. Now lets talk HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning). My experience has shown that it may turn on and off, but its hard to know how it actually works without running it for some time. Also ask if it has had a recent service or clean and by who because it pays to know it was done 'professionally'.

Oh and don't forget the external electrics with anything that needs buzzing open like garage doors and gates. How does the switchboard look? will it need upgrading and therefor need an asbestos remover as well...


Very hard to check the hot water when tenants may have left with the gas bottles, so depending on the property, you might want to bring your BBQ gas bottle to test that stuff. So turn on every tap indoors and out, hot and cold. Shower head or tap leaks evident? To test the washing machine taps, you can bring a bucket so the water doesn't go straight on the floor. Cannot forget the flushing toilet plus checking the exhaust fans too. Pop your head under sinks too. You are looking for swelling in timbers and odors so you know the plumbing is either working or not. Do the hinges still look ok? Don't forget the fixed kitchen appliances (dishwasher, oven, cook top and range hood, etc).


This is just some extra things to think about. Does everything around the house look ok too? powerlines, garbage bins, letterbox, garden, fence, drainage, driveway? Phone lines, satellite dish (if that's still a thing), under the house, pest and termite report completed and dated recently? any evidence that the owner has tried to conceal anything recently? Oh and last but not least, the smoke detectors. They usually have a sticker on them to say when they need to be replaced or when they were installed, also test that they work.

All the best! Happy purchasing and I do hope it goes smooth for you xx

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