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Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Oh my gosh! You want to get organized but you don’t know where to get started? I can provide some tips for now and hopefully some help or inspiration is provided, alternatively I can come to you and start pulling things apart to help you get started, or do the whole thing for you.

Lets start off in your pantry for today’s blog because that tends to be the most commonly go to place that needs organizing. Generally you want to categorize everything, so if you have different types of pasta then you group them together and you want to make sure you have the spices in one spot, this way you’re not ending up with two curry powders open and expiring before they get used. An organized pantry also means minimized waste so you will be saving money in the long term... as long as you keep up the practice of keeping it organized. Once you’ve started its pretty good to maintain.

Store all your cans together. I generally find the heavier stuff is best down the bottom so as you’re not dropping any cans on your face if they’re stored up high. Store your pasta and flour higher because it’s lighter (also helpful so toddlers don’t get into it).

So start by pulling everything out and wiping the shelves down. Do an audit of what you have and chuck out what’s expired, maybe even leave out the stuff that you can just finish up tonight in a dinner like a stir-fry. Google search lots of fun recipes and get experimenting with what you have.

Once everything is out on the bench you can generally see just how much space it requires in the pantry. If you have 20 tins of stuff versus five tins of stuff you know how much room to leave for them on the shelf. While doing this it’s very handy to keep a shopping list beside you so when you are chucking out expired goods you can either write down a list of what you need to restock and even have a list of stuff that you need to use in the next week. you probably find you don’t need to do a shop if you can start to empty out that pantry of all the bits and pieces that you have first. You can come up with some creative things.

Now when it comes to putting them all back into the pantry, wherever possible use open and easy to clean containers. You can wipe down and replace easily because guaranteed you’re going to have stuff like honey that likes to leave evidence of where it has been and you want to be able to contain that mess. Trust me it is cheaper and quicker to replace a tub then it is to replace a damaged shelf. Pulling everything out of the pantry and knowing just how much stuff you have when you’ve categorized it will give you an idea of how big a tub you need. Try not to overfill it otherwise it gets heavy, so sometimes lots of small baskets as opposed to one huge basket depending what it is that you’re putting in there. Airtight containers for things you might need to store for longer periods of time or instead of chucking out those jars, reuse the jars and you can put in your own spices, who knows the crazy things you can store in jars. You know what else is helpful when you do have tubs, you’re not crouching down to see what’s at the back of the shelf! you can just pull the tub out and see what you’ve got in there! Great for the bad back people... such as myself.

Now unless you have the time, which is really rare these days for anyone, you don’t need to go out and pretty label everything! A little bit of masking tape on the outside of the box and write what it is that you have in there is perfectly okay for now... until you start to accumulate a system and find that time later on to pretty it up.

Now what about all those random things that you get, such as alcoholic flavorings? I'm assuming you might not be much of a drinker otherwise this product would not be collecting dust... you can either re-gift those random things or you might use them during the month, have a little night in when you do get to experiment and make your own cocktails, enjoy the gift you were given but don’t let it sit in your pantry until another day because that could be another year or two and it’s just taking up space... so give it a go!

Lastly, congrats on getting through your pantry and the only problem is it’s a generally an area in your home that visitors don’t usually see so its hard to find appreciation for your work, time now to move onto everything else in your home. Well done!

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