Children's bedroom designs

Kids rooms are sooooo much fun! But you might find its very easy to over clutter. All the toys, bits, and pieces required for a baby or toddler... where do you store or display them all? As kids get older they may want to use this space to express themselves and store their own treasured items. More importantly, this should also be a retreat for them that they feel safe in. So more goes into a nursery and kids' room than just some pretty wall paper and linen. Some things to consider: STORAGE - So, you have on display and hidden storage options. Things that are on display may be personal artworks or gifts. hidden storage would be linen, toys, clothing, shoes. Having storage under the bed is helpful for keeping linen, though if you haven't heard already, it's helpful to have your bed covered in two fitted sheets. This is if you have any night accidents, you can just pull one layer off and you have the spare underneath. Saves on the midnight bed making. Open shelves are good for filling the voided space that usually lingers between the floor and ceiling. Good for some lightweight items and changes things up. Hang some shadow boxes to display other kid memorabilia if you have some wall space. Be mindful that light weight furniture may be moved by the toddler to look out the window or climb up to the light switch. Drawers can be opened and used as a ladder to climb up to the door knob. Many of fun possibilities for a bored child.

LIGHTING - If you choose to have battery operated lighting, ensure its age appropriate or displayed away from little hands. You can come across some nice dull night light options in the battery world. Such as fairy lights, décor lighting and toy night lights. Some training lights, clocks, diffusers are usually wall plug in. Strap or tie things away so they cannot be pulled at or broken.

EASTHETICS - Mosquito nets are very common now but can be a SIDs issue. They can also collect dust, so not so great for kids that may be prone to allergy and asthma. Thick rugs also carry the same concerns, plus it's not easy cleaning kiddy mess out of thick textiles, so best to avoid that. I have found it's very easy to have a room empowered by pinks or blues... try to pair back your colour so the eyes are not as overwhelmed and include some neutral colours to mute the more vibrant features. Keep to one feature wall, if you choose to have one. This space is for relaxing and quiet time after all...

FURNITURE - Well, a bed is the obvious. That may be a cot or separate bed. Themed beds can be fun for teaching independence and excitement to sleep all night... but be careful it may only be a phase and you get stuck with a race car or Barbie bed that will grow out of your child. It's helpful to have something that can be transformed as your child grows and may be used constantly as your family grows.

Rocking chair or reading nook? Something that is both soothing for the parent when you are up at stupid o'clock settling a bub or that toddler that decides not to sleep. A reading nook can encourage little eyes to delve into the world of books and grow the mind. If you decide to add a desk, keep in mind that walls and furniture nearby might be drawn on. Maybe best to keep a desk in a more open space where adult eyes can oversee a bit easier. Hopefully you can find some use in the above points. If you need someone to browse over your current design or wish to create a new layout for you, don't hesitate to reach out and take advantage of our services to create a space you and your child will love.

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